Transport Canada must implement now TSB recommendation on leaving carry-on baggage behind during an emergency

Provided by Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)/CNW

TORONTO, May 15, 2019 /CNW/ – The union representing Air Canada’s flight attendants is asking Transport Canada to implement the now 12 year-old Transportation Safety Board recommendation on leaving carry-on baggage behind during an emergency.

The TSB report recommendation mentioned above (A15H0002) actually referenced an earlier 2007 TSB report (A05H0002) where the recommendation was first made. (It’s in section 4.2.5 if you’re interested.)
Thus, the recommendation is actually 12 years old, not 2 years old.

Correction provided by Transportation Safety Board of Canada

“The recent Aeroflot crash where passengers retrieving their luggage slowed the evacuation of the on-fire aircraft is just another example of the need to strengthen the actual regulation to ensure the safety of passengers and crew,” said the president of the Air Canada Component of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Wesley Lesosky.

In its May 2017 report on the Air Canada Flight 624 that crash-landed in Halifax in March 29, 2015, the Transportation Safety Board recommended that: “The Department of Transport requires that passenger safety briefings include clear direction to leave all carry-on baggage behind during an evacuation.”

Unfortunately, as the Transportation Safety Board noted in its analysis of the response provided by the Department, Transport Canada “plans no regulatory action that would require operators to provide this information to passengers.”

“The federal government cannot wait for another tragedy to happen. Transport Canada must act now. At the time of the Halifax crash, all 132 passengers and 5 crew members made it out safely, but it will not always be the case if the carry-on retrieving issue is not resolved on all Canadian carriers.” noted Lesosky.

Like the US-based Association of Professional Flight Attendants, the Air Canada Component of CUPE is calling on Transport Canada to form a working group on developing solutions to guarantee that carry-on baggage is not a barrier to safety during evacuations.