Small plane lands on BC Highway 17 causing chaos, confusion for drivers

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BY TARAN PARMAR Posted Jun 14, 2019

The small plane landed on Highway 17 on Friday, June 14th causing major traffic delays. (Courtesy Brian Roodnick) from

SURREY (NEWS 1130) — It appears an airplane has landed on Highway 17.

Al Heslip was on the highway and saw the plane appear to be taxi-ing on the road.

“It took up two lanes of traffic. There was a semi behind it, a pick-up truck and they were slow because they were stuck behind this plane.”

One of our listeners Nabil Elouazz explains the plane appeared to dip low into the air and landed right in front of him on the road.

“I saw the plane go the same direction as me, it went above me and landed on the highway,” Elouazz says. “It hit another vehicle, but it landed safely. It bumped into another vehicle on the right.”

He says the plane was a small two-seater and it appears the pilot got out safely.

“I was right behind the plane, I noticed it flying above me and I noticed it was flying low. It passed me and then it landed nearly a kilometer away,” he says. “The guy got out, he was fine. I saw him get out, and he landed okay.”

NEWS 1130 has reached out to RCMP to get their take on the situation.

More to come…