FNC Capital forms exclusive $5 Million agreement with Stradigi AI for the airline industry

Provided by Stradigi AI/CNW

MONTREAL, June 20, 2019 /CNW Telbec/ –FNC Capital, a Montreal-based consulting firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions, today announced that it has formed a five-year rolling exclusive partnership agreement worth $5 Million with leading local artificial intelligence company Stradigi AI, to create and deliver artificial intelligence products via its recently launched proprietary AI platform, Kepler. As announced in the media in early May 2019, FNC Capital is aiming to acquire Quebec-based airliner, Transat A.T. (ticker: TRZ-T).

To support FNC Capital with its investments, Stradigi AI will deliver AI products capable of solving both existing and potential business problems with the goal of driving efficiencies and profitability.

“We selected Stradigi AI as our exclusive artificial intelligence technology partner in our endeavors to enhance our investments and to potentially deliver a transformational business strategy if we acquire Transat A.T.,” said Dominik Pigeon, President of FNC Capital. “The highly sophisticated and flexible nature of their platform, Kepler, and its ability to deliver solutions targeted to solve a range of business issues, made the decision easy and we can’t wait to begin collaborating on a number of upcoming projects.”

“We are thrilled at the potential opportunities to implement our proprietary platform, Kepler, to support FNC Capital’s strategic objectives in growing their investments. Our cutting-edge AI solutions will solve critical business problems, driving both efficiencies and profitability long into the future,” said Basil Bouraropoulos, co-founder and CEO of Stradigi AI. “As a proud Montreal-based business, Stradigi AI is passionate to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with a fellow local company like FNC Capital, that could potentially lead to significant local technology job creation.”

To execute on the partnership agreement over the next five years, Stradigi AI will focus primarily on developing AI solutions for the airline and travel industry. Kepler’s live dynamic pricing models will enable the creation of timely, tailored customer travel packages and the ability to win a greater number of seat sales over competitors. Pattern detection solutions will be employed to identify when customers are considering leaving a Customer Loyalty Program, thereby offering the opportunity to predict and reduce customer churn rates. Additionally, natural language identification solutions will enable live Social Media Sentiment monitoring, enabling a company to rapidly identify, address or capitalize on escalating negative or positive customer sentiment.