Flight Network Releases The Most Definitive List of The World’s 50 Most Beautiful Cities

Provided by Flight Network/CNW

TORONTO, Oct. 14, 2019 /CNW/ -After exploring thousands of cities across six continents, Flight Network, one of Canada’s leading online travel agencies, has narrowed down the list of the World’s Most Beautiful Cities.

Flight Network consulted more than 1,000 of the world’s top travel professionals including travel journalists, travel bloggers and travel agents to make the highly-anticipated list. The result is the most comprehensive and definitive list of the world’s best cities, taking travelers from history-filled Dubrovnik to modern Singapore and beyond.

“This list is going to pleasantly surprise travelers,” admitted Flight Network’s Bobby Heard, Director of Inbound Marketing. “It’s not only putting overlooked cities like Bergen, Norway, on the map, but it’s challenging travelers to take a second look at mega-cities like New York that are constantly evolving.”

Flight Network’s World’s Best Cities list helps travelers all over the globe — and their 2+ million monthly visitors — plan their next unforgettable city trip. The travel professionals who contributed to the list were asked to nominate a city that exemplified what they thought was the best combination of natural and manmade beauty, the juxtaposition of nature and architecture and city culture. The in-house travel experts at Flight Network then analyzed and categorized the results based on the number of votes each city received. The final result is a compelling and exciting look at the World’s 50 Most Beautiful Cities.

“This compact collection of expertise from hundreds of the world’s top travel writers is a handy guide for anyone planning their next trip,” said Janna Graber of Go World Travel Magazine

Topping the World’s Best Cities list this year is Paris, New York and London, followed closely by Venice and Vancouver. To see the full list head to https://www.flightnetwork.com/blog/worlds-most-beautiful-cities/.

1 Paris, France
2 New York, United States of America
3 London, United Kingdom
4 Venice, Italy
5 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
21 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
23 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada