Moose killed in name of airport security Tuesday in St. John’s

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Airport says animal was ‘risk to aviation’

CBC News · Posted: Mar 10, 2020

A moose was killed at St. John’s International Airport after running onto an active runway.

A loose moose created havoc at St. John’s International Airport on Tuesday after jumping a fence and running onto an active runway.

The airport’s wildlife officer responded to a moose sighting in the parking lot area before the animal took aim and used large snow drifts to get over the barrier. 

The moose wandered onto runway 34. In doing so it caused for a missed approach for WestJet Flight 3422. 

However, not all ended well for the wooded expat.

Officials had to kill the animal on scene due to “the risk to aviation,” according to a statement from the airport. 

“The moose was euthanized on scene and flight 3422 was able to land safely,” the statement reads.

The airport said because of the amount of snow St. John’s has seen this winter it has had to enhance patrols surrounding its security fence. 

“This gives us the ability to respond to wildlife events in a safe and timely manner.”