WestJet 28 March update

Received directly from WestJet


The safety of our guests and crew remains our top priority. WestJet is in close contact with Transport Canada and was adhering to the recently imposed entrance requirements for guests travelling on flights destined to Canada (of which we have now completed aside from any further charter flights). We will take the same measures for domestic flights. 

AFFECTED FLIGHTSupdated March 28, 2020 at 5:25 p.m.

The safety of our guests and crews is our top priority. It is our goal to be open and transparent throughout this rapidly evolving situation. This page will be updated regularly with information on COVID-19 impacted flights in our network.

Guests in affected rows of the below flights are considered close contacts and may be at risk for exposure. Public health officials recommend that affected individuals self-isolate for 14 days after arrival and monitor symptoms. Guests are advised to contact their primary care provider, or their local public health unit if they are concerned that they may have been exposed to or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

All guests who were on the listed flights, but not in the affected rows are advised to self-monitor for signs of cough, fever or respiratory issues and to call their local health authorities if symptoms arise within the next 14 days.

Flight DateFlight NumberDepartingDestinationRows
March 213241Calgary (YYC)Kamloops (YKA)All seats
March 1910Calgary (YYC)Paris (CDG)N/A
March 19831Cancun (CUN)Toronto (YYZ)1-6
March 172313Cancun (CUN)Calgary (YYC)Exit row
March 173281Calgary (YYC)Penticton (YYF)All seats
March 173343Calgary (YYC)Kelowna (YLW)Exit row
March 169Paris (CDG)Calgary (YYC)2-6
March 162311Cancun (CUN)Calgary (YYC)All seats
March 163456Toronto (YYZ)Moncton (YQM)All seats
March 151571Denver (DEN)Calgary (YYC)All seats
March 153016Medicine Hat (YHX)Calgary (YYC)8-14
March 153372Calgary (YYC)Saskatoon (YXE)All seats
March 143268Edmonton (YEG)Regina (YQR)5-11
March 143300Calgary (YYC)Regina (YQR)14-20
March 14202Calgary (YYC)Winnipeg (YWG)20-24
March 141511Los Angeles (LAX)Calgary (YYC)15-19
March 131501Las Vegas (LAS)Calgary (YYC)13-19
March 131100Toronto (YYZ)Los Angeles (LAX)All seats
March 12490Winnipeg (YWG)Toronto (YYZ)5-9
March 12667Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)11-17
March 122London (LGW)Calgary (YYC)24-40
March 121447Las Vegas (LAS)Edmonton (YEG)2-8
March 12665Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)19-27
March 121201New York (LGA)Toronto (YYZ)3-9
March 122311Cancun (CUN)Calgary (YYC)32-38
March 123240Edmonton (YEG)Grande Prairie (YQU)1-6
March 12118Vancouver (YVR)Calgary (YYC)19-25
March 114London (LGW)Toronto (YYZ)10-16
March 111771Phoenix (PHX)Vancouver (YVR)5-9
March 11302Vancouver (YVR)Regina (YQR)5-9
March 11670Calgary (YYC)Toronto (YYZ)16-22
March 10232Calgary (YYC)Winnipeg (YWG)17-23
March 103326Vancouver (YVR)Kelowna (YLW)10-16
March 10445Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)6-12
March 104London (LGW)Toronto (YYZ)N/A
March 91681New York (JFK)Calgary (YYC)all rows
March 92310Calgary (YYC)Cancun (CUN)all seats
March 92643Liberia (LIR)Toronto (YYZ)N/A
March 8271Winnipeg (YWG)Calgary (YYC)All Rows
March 81680Calgary (YYC)New York (JFK)All rows
March 71226Toronto (YYZ)Orlando (MCO)All rows
March 71157San Juan (SJU)Toronto (YYZ)2-6
March 72644Toronto (YYZ)Liberia (LIR)N/A
March 73440Toronto (YYZ)Moncton (YQM)7-11
March 52London (LGW)Calgary (YYC)36-40
March 32London (LGW)Calgary (YYC)7-14
February 281199Phoenix (PHX)Toronto (YYZ)18-22