West Coast Helicopters: Groom surprises bride during pandemic wedding on Mount Cokely

News from CHEK News – link to video and story

May 28th, 2020

WATCH A wedding on a mountain west of Parksville was far different than the one they planned before COVID-19, but a surprise put it over the top.A Nanaimo couple got married in epic fashion on Mount Cokely, west of Parksville.

The wedding was much different than the destination wedding in Mexico they had envisioned before the pandemic, but the groom had a surprise for his bride to help put the wedding over the top. With a helicopter ride to the top of Mount Cokely on Vancouver Island and groom Brayden Boyd waiting at the top, bride Michelle Fonseca and her son arrived for a wedding much different than the one she had planned.“So different. For starters, we were going to have a bunch of people there, family and it was going to be a Mexican themed wedding,” said Fonseca.But with COVID-19 grounding international travel, and Fonseca’s family in Mexico, the couple decided on another incredible option: sharing their vows on top of a mountain.“It happened in a matter of weeks of planning from the idea. ‘Okay, do you want to do this? Do you want to get married on a mountain via helicopter?’ Then two weeks later we were there doing it,” said Boyd.But while most of their family and friends couldn’t be there, Boyd had a surprise for his bride.Just as the wedding was about to get underway they let her know the entire celebration was being live-streamed to more than 100 friends and family around the world“It took my breath away. Oh my gosh, it was amazing. It made me cry. It made me feel so loved,” said Fonseca.Boyd says he was also surprised it was possible to live-stream from such a remote location. “The credit goes out really to West Coast Helicopters and Box 221 Digital Studios for taking the reins and doing all the logistical kind of stuff. Figuring out where they could go and what would come through clear.”