WIAA Launches Fundraising Campaigns

November 26, 2020

WIAA, Women in Aviation Association, has launched their very first Fundraising Campaigns through GoFundMe and PayPal this month! Their goal is to raise funds to help women in the aviation industry. With the help from the funds being donated ; they will be setting mentorship programs, events, and with a goal to directly fund the education of ATPL Airline Transport Pilot License programs in affiliation with IPA, International Pilot Academy

“We need more women in the flight deck…WIAA encourages more females to become professional pilots. Our team is committed to their success.” says Jules Selwan, the President of IPA.

Having less than 6% of airline pilots be women in the world, there needs to be a pivot, but also awareness towards women who are currently flying. Many women don’t think of flying as an option, due to the high fees associated with training, and lack of job opportunities once they do complete their license certification.  

WIAA will be working actively with airlines to ensure that these women get a job with their license, and can do so while also having a life outside of their careers. Some women who are actively showing the lifestyle, such as @pilotmaria have come onboard as brand ambassadors to help spread the world. They’re created a movement around #IAMWIAA ; an empowering slogan that shows women they can be in the pilot’s seats, too. 

To support the movement and donate please follow the following links;

PayPal – Accessible Internationally

GoFundMe – Only accessible to GoFundMe affiliated countries