Flying to Extremes – Flying into the Wild

A riveting account of flying in the high arctic!

Dominique Prinet captures the humour, start beauty and extremes of Canada’s Far North. 1965 to early 70s’

In January 1965, 25 year old Parisian pilot Dominique Prinet arrives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with just $200 in his pocket, no return ticket, and knowing absolutely no one. Soon after, Prinet finds himself flying bush planes in the Canadian Arctic from a base at Yellowknife, in the heart of the Northwest Territories. Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime!

Prinet weaves breathtaking reflections of life in the High Arctic, describing thrilling adventures in trying weather conditions and Arctic winter nights with no daylight for weeks. Prinet lands on sandbars, rivers, lakes, and the tundra – ferrying First Nations peoples, trappers, prospectors, miners, adventurer tourists, gold-ingot thieves and performing medevacs. Often overload, he’d fly to some of the most traitorous and remote locations on the planet… and back again!

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About Dominique Prinet

While working as a bush pilot in Yellowknife, NWT, Dominique Prinet earned enough money to pay for his electrical engineering degree at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and an MBA from McGill University. He went on to enjoy a long career in aviation, including with Montreal’s Nordair, Canadian Airlines, and Air Tanzania. In retirement, Dominique started his own sailing school in Vancouver and obtained his helicopter license at age 70. He is currently working on more stories highlighting his various experiences in Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and across the Atlantic in a sailboat.