Canada Jetlines Announces New Contract with CPaT, Aviation Leader in Distance Learning

TORONTO, ON, February 9, 2022 – Canada Jetlines Operations Ltd. (NEO: CJET) (“Canada Jetlines”) is pleased to announce today a signed agreement with CPaT Global, the world’s leading provider of distance learning for the airline and aviation industry. CPaT will be providing Aircraft System Courses for the Airbus320 with Interactive Aircraft Diagrams and Aviation Specialty Courses.

“Canada Jetlines is excited to be able to provide premium training solutions as we assemble a top-tier, Toronto-based, crew,” shared Randy Howe, Chief Pilot for Canada Jetlines. “We’re confident that working with CPaT will elevate our capabilities as we ramp up flight operations for Spring 2022.”

“CPaT is thrilled to partner with Canada Jetlines as a tool for them to use and grow as a new start-up airline,” said Capt. Greg Darrow, Vice President of Sales. “With our robust portfolio of online distance learning, CPaT is excited to add value to this growing business.”

Jetlines aims to offer Canadians more economical options to fly to sun-destinations in the southern United States, Caribbean, and Mexico. Jetlines has selected the A320 as its fleet standard, with a projected growth of 15 aircrafts by 2025, offering the best-in-class operating economics, customer comfort and fly-by-wire technology. With the goal of providing a guest centric experience from the first touchpoint, Jetlines will use a state-of-the-art web booking platform, making the solution available to tour operators along with consumers.

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About CPaT
CPaT Global, LLC (CPaT) is the market leader in distance learning for the aviation industry. CPaT delivers software-as-a-service applications to more than 300 global aviation customers, serving 65,000+ individual users, and providing over one million hours of training each year. CPaT pioneered the use of distance learning in aviation training more than 25-years ago and has built on that legacy to offer new and imaginative training solutions that are practical, forward-looking, and invaluable. CPaT transforms aviation instruction by providing smart training solutions, and vision for curriculum spanning aircraft systems, general subjects, and operational procedures. For more information, please visit

About Canada Jetlines
Canada Jetlines is a well-capitalized leisure focused carrier, utilizing a growing fleet of Airbus320 aircraft starting in early 2022, subject to Transport Canada approval. The carrier was created to provide Canadian consumers with more value choices and travel options to fly to coveted sun and leisure destinations in the U.S., Caribbean, and Mexico. With a projected growth of 15 aircrafts by 2025, Canada Jetlines aims to offer the best-in-class operating economics, customer comfort and fly-by-wire technology, providing an elevated guest centric experience from the first touchpoint. The efficient aircraft design merged with the experience of the all-Canadian management team, allows for accessible flight options without sacrificing quality or convenience. The carrier will use a state-of-the-art web booking platform, making the turnkey solution available to Travel Agents, Tour Operators, and consumers, with the capability of generating revenue on reservations and ancillary sales. We aim to provide more revenue opportunities to express our gratitude to current and future agent partners and all the work that they do. We look forward to working with you to create memorable travel experiences for consumers. To learn more, please visit and follow on all social media platforms for news and updates.