Canadian North Update on Fuel Shortage and Inclement Weather Impacting High Arctic Services

30 August 2022 – Canadian North Twitter & Facebook

The fuel shortage and inclement weather conditions affecting High Arctic airports have caused significant disruptions to our operations, though our team has been working with the fuel available to us to move as many passengers and as much freight as possible. While recognizing the challenges this is causing our customers, we are doing everything to keep our operations moving safely.

As the situation continues to change, we are beginning to increase the number of passengers we are able to transport onboard. With current weather disruptions affecting the High Arctic, we have planned as many flights as we can and incorporated fuel stops that allow us to maximize payload. We continue to assess the demand for additional flight and our Operations Control Centre will look for possibilities to add flights to Pond Inlet, Arctic Bay and Resolute Bay.

Though we are continuing to move as much freight as possible, should unsafe weather conditions continue to affect cargo operations we will plan backup destinations for freight in the meantime. As the ability to regain fuel is integral to both cargo and passengers operations, we continue to keep in contact with Petroleum Products Division of the Government of Nunavut.

As a result of these impacts on our service, our Customer Contact Centre has been experiencing higher than average call volume. We encourage you o book or manage your bookings online using our website. Otherwise, for inquiries that are not urgent which cannot be managed on our website and do not include booking over the phone, you may send us an email at with your requests.

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We would like to thank our passengers and customers for your patience and understanding during this situation while we work to return to regular operations.

Canadian North