Canada Jetlines Announces Cargo Sales and Service Agreement with Go Above and Beyond

TORONTO, ON, NOVEMBER 9, 2022 – Canada Jetlines Operations Ltd. (NEO: CJET) (“Canada Jetlines”) the new, all-Canadian, leisure airline, has signed a cargo sales and service agreement with GO Above and Beyond Inc. Canada Jetlines has recently received approval from Transport Canada that will permit it to carry cargo on flights and GO Above and Beyond Inc. will act as sales agent for Canada Jetlines’ cargo services.

“We are pleased to announce our cargo sales and service agreement with GO Above and Beyond. We look forward to a successful partnership that will allow Canada Jetlines to provide air cargo belly space on all our routes,” shared Brad Warren, Chief Operating Officer of Canada Jetlines. “As we continue to expand our network, Canada Jetlines will be well positioned to offer an attractive solution for shippers seeking air cargo space.”

“There is a strong demand for air cargo space, GO Above and Beyond is looking forward to work with Canada Jetlines to provide shippers with a new option to accommodate their needs and provide Canada Jetlines with incremental revenue,” says Gary Ogden, President of GO Above and Beyond Inc.