Canada Jetlines Announces Completion of Charter Flights in November 2022

TORONTO, ON, DECEMBER 1, 2022 – Canada Jetlines Operations Ltd. (NEO: CJET) (“Canada Jetlines”) the new, all-Canadian, leisure airline, has confirmed, in addition to its scheduled flights to Calgary from Toronto, Canada Jetlines completed 18 charter flights in November for a variety of new clients. 

Canada Jetlines sees significant opportunities in the Canadian travel and tourism sector, with strong demand domestically and in international markets like the USA, Mexico, Jamaica, and many others. The airline continues to build out strong relationships with tourism boards, airports, and economic development stakeholders and charter brokers.

“We see a strong demand for charter flights in the coming months,” said Eddy Doyle CEO Canada Jetlines. “The addition of our second aircraft in December will give us more capacity to respond to the demand for charter flights and supplement our revenue from our scheduled service to Calgary, Vancouver, Melbourne/Orlando, and Las Vegas.”

Canada Jetlines recently announced a second aircraft A320 which is forecast to enter service by December 15th 2022. The announcement follows news that Canada Jetlines will commence Airbus A320 service from Toronto to Vancouver in December 2022.

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About Canada Jetlines 

Canada Jetlines is a leisure focused air carrier, which will utilize a growing fleet of Airbus 320 aircraft to provide Canadians with value vacation choices and convenient travel options. Canada Jetlines will provide exciting vacation packages to iconic Canadian destinations and beyond via strong partnerships with airports, CVB’s, tourism entities, hotels, hospitality brands, and attractions. With a projected growth of 15 aircrafts by 2025, Canada Jetlines aims to offer the best-in-class operating economics, customer comfort and fly-by-wire technology, providing an elevated guest centric experience from the first touchpoint.  To learn more, please visit and follow on all social media platforms for news and updates.