Air Canada Fleets

This page updated -Apr 28 – 2017


AC Rouge Fleet – Dec 05


Boeing – B787-Mar 27

Boeing – B737-MAX–Apr 5   (New addition)

Boeing – B777-Jun 12


Airbus – A320-Jul 16

Airbus – A321-Apr 10

Airbus- A330



Beech 1900-Mar 11-2017

Bombardier – CRJ-28Apr

Bombardier – DHC-8-Apr 26

Vickers -Viscount – Retired

Vickers -Vanguard – Retired

Douglas DC-8 – Retired

Douglas -DC-9 – Retired

Boeing – B737 -Retired

Boeing 727 Fleet -Retired

Lockheed – L-1011 -Retired

Boeing – B747 – Retired

Airbus- A340 – Retired

British Aerospace-BAe-146 – Retired

Fokker – F-28 – Retired

  1. What happened to the AC Boeing 727 fleet list? I’m sure it was there once but seems to be missing now. Seems strange to show the 737 fleet (which AC never acquired new) but not the 727 where AC was a large original customer.

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