Airline Fleet Information

If you are able to share with us any fleet changes, please send the information to at or use our contact form

Additional airline fleet information summaries can be found at


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AirlineWebsiteAirline Fleet Info
Our Fleet Information
Air Canada MainlineAir Canada ExpressAir Canada Other
Air Canada RougeAir Canada Retired/Historical

AirlineWebsiteAirline Fleet Info
Our Fleet Information
WestJet Mainline WestJet Encore

Other Airlines
AirlineWebsiteAirline Fleet InfoOur Fleet Info
Porter Airlinesflyporter.comAt flyporter.comPorter
Flair Airlinesflairair.caAt flairair.caFlair Airlines
Swoopflyswoop.comAt flyswoop.comSwoop
Air Transatairtransat.comAt airtransat.comAir Transat
Sunwingsunwing.caAt sunwing.caSunwing
Canadian Northcanadiannorth.comAt canadiannorthOthers
Air Inuitairinuit.comAt airinuit
Pacific Coastal Airlines pacificcoastal.comAt pacificcoastal
Morningstar Air Express

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  1. I miss the old format that gave the date for the last change entered. This saves looking at each type for updates.

    1. Its back and now automated – see above. New – a quick reference for all the airlines and aircraft on one page.

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