Photo Gallery

Update Oct 16 -2017

Above photo taken 15October at Iqualuit by Brian Tattuinee

737-7BC N108MS seen 16October–above photo by Gary Kelderman

New 737Max C-FRAX seen landing October 12th on first visit of a “Max” to YYZ–photo by Tom Podolec

737-400 N318XA of Xtra Airways seen departing 10 October to ACY –photo by MLB Photography

Skytrans (VH-BBU) DHC8-300 –photo by Jaci Stevens

First 737-8Max for Westjet seen Sep 29th on delivery

Fourth Global 7000 (C-GBLR) seen landing after first flight at YZD—photo by Fred Larkin

Global 5000 seen at N end 28September —above photo by Gary Kelderman

Two 747-8Fs seen side by side at YYZ morning of 28Sep—above photo by TMK Photography

Above photo by TMK Photography


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