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Air North employees might not be able to use cannabis 2 months before work

Airline president Joe Sparling says the science is still ‘coming in’ on the effects of cannabis usage

Air North has a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol impairment, which now includes legal cannabis, says president and CEO Joe Sparling. (Air North)

Air North employees in safety-sensitive positions mostly likely will not be able to consume cannabis within 60 days of any shift, says the head of the Yukon-based airline.

The ban is part of Air North’s existing zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol impairment, says president and CEO Joe Sparling.

In an email to CBC News, Sparling said the science is still “coming in” on the effects of cannabis usage.

“With the legalization of cannabis and the significant differences between the characteristics of cannabis and alcohol we know that our current policies with respect to alcohol (no consumption within 12 hours) will not be appropriate for cannabis,” he wrote.

Other airlines, military impose strict rules

Sparling said he understands that the military has employed a 28-day abstention period for cannabis consumption, while some air carriers have imposed bans of up to 45 days for employees.

“In reality, 28 days or 45 days or no use amount to pretty much the same thing for anybody who works with any degree of regularity,” reads Sparling’s email.

“In an effort to provide some reconciliation with the available science we are currently working our way towards a 60-day abstention policy for safety sensitive positions.”

Canadian North has prohibited pilots, flight attendants and others in safety-sensitive positions from using cannabis, even when they’re off duty.

Another northern airline, First Air, says all of its employees must be “fit for duty” at all times. A spokesperson says the definition of “fit for duty” based on Transport Canada guidelines on legal cannabis.

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Experience the Northern Lights on board an Air North Boeing 737

Consulta Meta has officially announced the launch of the Aurora | 360 Experience, the most exciting way to see the Northern Lights. This exclusive opportunity offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy the Northern Lights by private-chartered Boeing 737 jet (operated by Air North) for unrivalled, eye level Northern Lights viewing.  It’s the only flight in the world to take off within the Aurora Oval, offering the chance for Aurora viewing shortly after take-off.

The full Aurora | 360 Experience is February 7th to 11th, 2019, with the flight scheduled to take-off either February 8th or 9th (the flight date will be chosen a few days earlier based on Aurora forecasts). The five-day package not only offers serious bragging rights, but will provide high-altitude views of the spectacular Aurora in the Yukon sky combined with unique culinary components, industry leading guest speakers, cultural events, optional day tours and more.  With only 80 seats available, the Aurora | 360 Experience gives passengers the unique opportunity to fly above the clouds, and witness the Aurora Borealis closer than ever before.  As part of the package the passengers get to learn more about the Aurora Borealis from renowned guest speakers: Dr. Phil Plait (aka the Bad Astronomer), Dr. Christa Van Laerhoven (B.Sc. Physics & Astronomy/ Ph.D. Planetary Sciences), William Murtagh (White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as the assistant director for Space Weather, Energy, and Environment Division), and Pierre Paquette (Astronomy Ambassador of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada).

“The Aurora Borealis is truly one of the world’s greatest celestial phenomenons, and we are proud to offer this unparalleled experience,” says Anthony Gucciardo, Owner and President of Consulta Meta. “It’s a bucketlist worthy moment you’ll never forget.  We can’t wait to get airborne!”

“The Northern Lights are one of the Yukon’s biggest attractions. We had great success last year with the pilot project, so we’re understandably thrilled it’s being reintroduced and made even better,” says Robin Anderson, Global Marketing Manager at Tourism Yukon.  “Last year passengers saw the Aurora Borealis just nine minutes after take-off and the lights continued for 3 straight hours.  We hope they break that record this year!”

Once on board, guests can relax and enjoy the incredible views while sipping a celebratory gin from Yukon’s award-winning Yukon Brewing company and Canadian Aurora photographer, Neil Zeller will assist with helping passengers to take their own Aurora photos.

There are two Aurora | 360 flight options available:

  1. Aurora | 360 flight only for $1,045 (taxes included)
  2. Aurora | 360 Experience: Includes the Aurora | 360 flight, 4 nights accommodation in Whitehorse, 3 distinctive Yukon-flare dinners, cultural activities, entry to Takhini Hot Springs, a guided tour of Yukon Wildlife preserve and more for just  $2,939 CAD (taxes included)