Self Isolation Interlude

Thanks to Phoenix Chamber Choir Vancouver

Two great videos…

We’ve been so overwhelmed and honoured by the attention, support and love that we received for our first video, that we decided to put together another one, but this time we brought some friends along!
Please enjoy our second COVID-19 public service announcement and virtual expression of love and solidarity from your ever-enthusiastic Phoenix Family and choral comrades.
Stay home! We’ve got this!

On Tuesday, March 17th Phoenix decided to cancel the rest of our 2019-2020 season, in order to protect the health and safety of our singers and audience members; but that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped making music together!

This past weekend, a group of our singers put together our own parody version of Bohemian Rhapsody, with lyrics adapted from Dana Jay Bein’s Coronavirus Rhapsody. 

If you are inspired and uplifted by this video, please consider making a donation to support an arts organization in your local area. We are all in this together and every little bit helps. You can also make donations to Phoenix Chamber Choir by clicking the on this donation link.

Self Isolation Moment thanks to Air New Zealand

From News Hub – link to VIDEO and story

Air New Zealand crew surprise passengers on India flight with Slumdog Millionaire performance

Dan Lake ~ 28 April 2020

WATCH: VIDEO – link to NewHub

The crew performed the hit song ‘Jai Ho’ Credits: Palak Makwana

Passengers onboard an Air New Zealand repatriation flight from India have praised airline staff for lifting the mood of travellers with a performance of a hit song from the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

Palak Makwana, a registered diversional therapist, was travelling with her six-year-old daughter back to New Zealand.

Makwana posted a video of the performance on social media where it’s been shared hundreds of times.

The solo mother paid $11000 for two tickets on the flight, and says she’s now in huge debt as she chose not to use the financial assistance option, for fear it may bump her down the list.

Makwana and her daughter took a 10 hour bus ride from Vadodara to Mumbai before boarding the 13 hour flight to Christchurch.

But, despite these setbacks, she says she’s so thankful she could get back to New Zealand.

“I really love my job and there was no one to replace me,  my hospital needed me and my residents were waiting for me,” she told Newshub. 

“At Mumbai airport, the New Zealand High Commission made us feel so welcome. On the plane, Air NZ were just awesome, they gave us good service and made us so comfortable.”

Makwana’s list of people she wants to thank is long. From MFAT staff and Winston Peters to the bus driver who took her and her daughter to isolation.

“I have no words to express my gratitude,” she said.

The passengers onboard also put on a special performance, singing both the Indian and New Zealand national anthems, to thank the Air NZ staff who had volunteered to work on the repatriation flight.

The New Zealand Government chartered three Air NZ Boeing 777-300 aircraft to repatriate Kiwis stranded in India due to COVID-19.

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Easter Self Isolation Moment

The Easter Bunny received safety training before helping bring in aircraft on the runway at Comox Valley Airport.Photograph By COMOX VALLEY AIRPORT COMMISSION – Times Colonist ~ April 17, 2014

News from Times Colonist ~ April 8, 2020

Easter Bunny declared an ‘essential service’ in B.C. as premier makes ‘special eggs-emption’

Residents of British Columbia are being told daily now that we are not to travel about the province as usual, particularly to enjoy the Easter long weekend.

But one legendary roamer has been granted a “special eggs-emption” in B.C. by Premier John Horgan: the Easter Bunny. article continues below 

“As Premier of the Province of British Columbia, I hereby authorize The Easter Bunny to travel freely into and throughout the Province of British Columbia for the essential service of Spreading Eggs-ellent Cheer,” reads a signed proclamation Horgan shared Wednesday morning.

The Bunny, who typically makes a stop in many B.C. households to leave eggs for hunting, baskets full of gifts and treats, and plenty of springtime smiles, is definitely having a different kind of Easter this year, thanks to the COVID-19 crisis.

Typically communities and families gather for outdoor egg hunts and other activities, as well as festive meals and religious services.

This week, Horgan met with Health Minister Adrian Dix and provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry to connect with religious leaders about alternative methods of worship, observance, and celebration for Easter and other holidays that are upon us at this time, like Passover, which begins at sundown Wednesday.

Some families may have been scrambling to come up with ways to mark Easter, and how to address the issue of the Easter Bunny from logistics of getting goodies into the house when the whole family is staying home together, to whether the Bunny would even be “allowed” to hop about as usual, given the orders from local, provincial, and federal leaders about distancing.

Communities have been organizing visual egg hunts, where people decorate large paper eggs to display in windows for neighbours to “hunt” during local walks.

Now the Easter Bunny has official permission to carry on.

“I am pleased to welcome you to our province for your annual egg-delivering duties,” reads Horgan’s “Special Eggs-emption” notice.

“This year, we’re all looking out for our loved ones and festivities look quite different. I know that you’re also taking extra care, so even if you can’t make it to every home, I want to thank you for sharing your positive spirit and happiness with kids and families across the province.”

Here’s the official declaration: