Viking and Longview Aviation Services Announce Delivery of First Production CL-415EAF “Enhanced Aerial Firefighter”

From Longview Aviation Services (LAS)

Longview Aviation Services (LAS) of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in cooperation with Viking Air Limited of Victoria, British Columbia, is pleased to announce the first Viking CL-415EAF “Enhanced Aerial Firefighter” has been delivered to launch customer Bridger Aerospace Group (Bridger Aerospace) of Bozeman, Montana, USA.

Bridger Aerospace became the launch customer for the Viking CL-415EAF “Enhanced Aerial Firefighter” program after signing a multiple aircraft purchase agreement in May of 2018.  The contract with all options exercised is valued at $204M and covers the sale of six CL-415EAF amphibious aerial firefighting aircraft.

Manufacturer’s serial number (MSN) 1081, the first Canadair CL-215 to undergo the major modification to the EAF “Enhanced Aerial Firefighter” configuration, took its inaugural flight on March 9th, 2020 outside of program-collaborator Cascade Aerospace’s facility in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

After application of Bridger’s livery at International Aerospace Coatings’ facility in Spokane, Washington, MSN 1081 flew over the central Rocky Mountain range to Bozeman, Montana for delivery to Bridger Aerospace in advance of the 2020 North American wildfire season.

Tim Sheehy, founder and CEO of Bridger Aerospace Group, stated, “Aggressive Initial Attack and advanced technology in support of the wildland firefighter are the core of Bridger’s ethos. The Viking CL-415EAF is the most capable initial attack asset on the planet and we are proud to be the launch customer for this incredible capability.”

Robert Mauracher, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing for Viking, commented, “We are very excited and proud to be delivering our first Viking CL-415EAF Enhanced Aerial Firefighter to Bridger Aerospace in time for the 2020 North American wildfire season.  The delivery of our first Enhanced Aerial Firefighter is the culmination of a multi-faceted collaborative project originally launched in 2018 and represents the solid partnership that has developed between Viking, LAS, and Bridger over the past 24 months.  We are now looking forward to adding a second aircraft to their fleet in the coming months.”

The CL-415EAF “Enhanced Aerial Firefighter” modification program, announced in 2018 as a collaboration between the two subsidiaries of Longview Aviation Capital, provides an economic boost throughout Western Canada derived from job creation, aerospace manufacturing, innovation, supply chain development, academic partnerships and global export opportunities.

The Viking CL-415EAF modification porgram forms part of a staged approach to utilize advancements made with the LAS converted aircraft as the basis for the proposed next-generation Viking CL-515 new-production aerial firefighting and multi-purpose amphibious aircraft.

About the CL-415EAF “Enhanced Aerial Firefighter”:

The Viking CL-415EAF “Enhanced Aerial Firefighter” is a specially selected CL-215 airframe converted to turbine configuration using Viking-supplied conversion kits.  It features a new Collins Pro Line Fusion® integrated digital avionics suite, Pratt & Whitney PW123AF turbine engines, increased fire-retardant capacity, and improvements to numerous aircraft systems.

The Viking CL-415EAF represents the evolution of the type, providing best-in-class water drop performance utilizing the higher delivery 2-door water drop system combined with a zero-timed maintenance program and a “new aircraft” factory-supported warranty program.  All obsolete components impacting the worldwide fleet of CL-215 & CL-415 aircraft are replaced in the CL-415EAF, and the upgraded aircraft is designed to failsafe FAR 25 certification criteria with no preset life limit.

The very short scooping distance of the CL-415EAF aircraft is expected to outperform competitors from initial attack to sustained major fire suppression, and the combination of safety and longevity represents exceptional value inherent in purpose-built aerial firefighting amphibious aircraft.

The CL-415EAF aircraft is the only aerial firefighter with factory OEM support offered by Viking’s Customer Service & Product Support division, including management of all Continuing Airworthiness, warranty items, in-service engineering, initial provisioning, as well as offering Viking’s M+ all-inclusive maintenance support program.  All improvements and obsolescence issues addressed in the CL-415EAF aircraft will become the new aircraft production standard in the manufacture of an all new, next generation CL-515 multi-purpose amphibious aircraft.

Viking Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Series 400 Twin Otter’s First Flight

Provided by Viking Air Limited

Viking Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Series 400 Twin Otter’s First Flight

Viking's Series 400 Twin Otter Takes Its First Flight

Victoria, British Columbia, February 14th, 2020: On February 16th, 2020 Viking Air Limited of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the inaugural flight of its Series 400 Twin Otter and recognizing a significant milestone in the company’s Twin Otter production program.

Ten years ago, Viking’s first production Series 400 Twin Otter, Manufacturer’s Serial Number (MSN) 845, took its maiden flight in the skies above the company’s final aircraft assembly facility in Calgary, Alberta. MSN 845 was the first Twin Otter aircraft to be built since the original De Havilland Canada factory shut down its production line in 1988 after 844 legacy Twin Otters were produced.

Viking launched its Series 400 production program in 2007 as a natural progression from acquiring the Type Certificates for the out-of-production De Havilland Canada fleet (DHC-1 through the DHC-7) and after receiving overwhelming demand and operator support for a new-build Twin Otter.

Five months after its first test flight and just two weeks after receiving Transport Canada Type Certification, Viking delivered its first Series 400 production aircraft to launch customer Zimex Aviation at the 2010 Farnborough International Airshow. Since delivery, MSN 845 has borne Swiss-registration HB-LUX and has been providing essential humanitarian relief and corporate charter services in Africa and the Middle East.

“As a launch customer of the Series 400 Twin Otter, we proudly send our best wishes to Viking on the 10th birthday of the Series 400 as well as the upcoming 50th birthday of Viking itself,” commented Daniele Cereghetti, CEO for Zimex Aviation. He added, “MSN 845 has been reliably, economically and safely serving our organization in various special missions in Africa and the Middle East. These missions are primarily dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and industrial support in the oil and gas sector. After 4,250 cycles, we are looking forward to many more happy landings with MSN 845.”

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Series 400 Twin Otter’s first flight, Viking president & CEO David Curtis said, “It’s hard to believe it has been ten years since that memorable day I was able to witness MSN 845’s first flight from the cockpit’s right seat. When I take a moment to reflect on the Series 400 program from the launch to where we are now celebrating the 10th anniversary of the maiden flight, I am truly amazed at what Viking has accomplished.”

In the past 10 years, Viking Series 400 Twin Otters have been exported to 37 countries around the world in various roles including regional commuter, critical infrastructure support, environmental monitoring, cargo, maritime surveillance, medevac, parachute, industrial support, private VIP, and commercial seaplane operations.

Among the list of Series 400 Twin Otter customers, the largest fleet operator is the Fuerza Aerea Del Peru (Peru Air Force) with twelve Viking-built aircraft based in Iquitos that provide environmental patrol and critical infrastructure support to remote communities in the Amazonian region of north east Peru.

Viking’s first Series 400 Twin Otter (MSN 845) was delivered to Zimex Aviation of Switzerland in June 2010, and now provides humanitarian aid in Africa.

MASwings, a subsidiary of Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), is the largest commercial operator of Series 400 Twin Otters with six aircraft accumulating 60,000 flight hours in commercial service providing a vital lifeline to remote rural communities in Borneo. Other commercial operators of the Series 400 include Air Seychelles, Fiji Link, First Flying (Japan), Aurora Airlines and ChukotAVIA (Russia), Daily Air (Taiwan), Tara Air (Nepal), Reignwood Aviation (China), and Loganair (UK) whose operation is world-renowned for landing on the beaches of Barra, Scotland.

One of the more notable operators of Series 400 Twin Otters is the Vietnam Navy, whose purchase of six aircraft from Viking marked the first time Vietnam’s Ministry of Defence had acquired aircraft of any type from a western-based manufacturer as well as initiating the formation of the Navy’s first fixed-wing Air Wing.

The Series 400 Twin Otter has now been Type Certified by thirty-two different regulatory bodies, including Transport Canada, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee Aviation Register (IACAR), and the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC). The CAAC certification is noteworthy as Viking was the first company to benefit from a Bilateral Aviation Technical Arrangement (BATA) between Canada and China signed in 2015 that opened the doors to the vast Chinese market for the Series 400 Twin Otter.

Since its first flight ten years ago, the Series 400 fleet has accumulated nearly 300,000 flight hours and over 500,000 cycles providing essential services to remote communities around the world. Viking is now building its 156th production aircraft that will bear Manufacturer’s Serial Number MSN 1000 marking it as the 1000th Twin Otter to be built since the design was first introduced by De Havilland Canada in 1965.

De Havilland Canada and Viking Air Limited Suspend Preparation for Singapore Airshow 2020

Provided by Longview Aviation Capital Corp./CNW

VICTORIA, Feb. 7, 2020 /CNW/ – In light of the increased alert level announced today by the Singapore Government and Ministry of Health due to incidents of Coronavirus in Singapore, Longview Aviation Capital (“Longview Aviation”) has elected to cancel the participation of its subsidiary companies, De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited (“De Havilland Canada”) and Viking Air Ltd. (“Viking”) in the 2020 Singapore Airshow scheduled to be held from February 11th to 16th, 2020.

Viking Air Ltd. (CNW Group/Longview Aviation Capital Corp.)

Earlier today, Minister Lawrence Wong, Co-Chair of the Multi-Ministry Taskforce on Novel Coronavirus in Singapore, issued a statement advising that the government of Singapore has increased the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level from Yellow to Orange, and recommended that all large-scale events be canceled or deferred.

Based on this recommendation, and out of an abundance of caution for the well-being of our employees, De Havilland Canada and Viking will not be in attendance at the 2020 Singapore Airshow as previously planned.  In addition, De Havilland Canada media briefings scheduled for 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 11 and 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 12th are cancelled.

Longview Aviation apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders, and welcome an opportunity to reschedule meetings as appropriate.

Viking Offers Ideas at Sea’s Wide Area Optical Radar Payload as Optional Equipment for Twin Otter Guardian 400

Viking Air Limited Press Release

Guardian 400 Twin Otter Special Missions Aircraft

Victoria, British Columbia, December 11, 2019: Announced during a World Demonstration Tour, Viking Air Limited of Victoria, British Columbia is now offering Ideas at Sea’s wide area optical radar payload as optional equipment on its Twin Otter Guardian 400 special mission aircraft. Viking and Ideas at Sea will immediately commence sensor integration with a view to presenting their optical radar options to customers in early 2020.

Ideas at Sea will be working with Viking’s integrator and principal tour partner, Airborne Technologies of Austria, to house the Visual Detection and Ranging (ViDAR) payload and create day/night 180-degree wide area surveillance options for operators of Viking’s Guardian 400.

The ViDAR software system, supplied by Sentient Vision Systems, is a wide area optical search system consisting of high-resolution sensors coupled with onboard automation software capable of detecting small objects over significant areas, allowing operators to map vast swaths of ocean in real time and dramatically extend aircraft coverage during Search & Rescue missions.

ViDAR works autonomously to find objects on the water’s surface and send a thumbnail image and location coordinates back to the Guardian’s CarteNav AIMS mission system. The AIMS mission system software then processes the imagery and data from the sensors to enhance situational awareness and provide geo-referenced local operating pictures that enable the operator to initiate a slew to the object with the Hensoldt Argos EO/IR imaging turret.

Ideas at Sea offers a range of configurable integrated optical radar solutions that are tailored to specific mission requirements that customers can select from, without the additional costs associated with customizations. This provides economical semi-custom mission options while also significantly reducing ongoing sustainment and maintenance costs.

“Viking’s Guardian 400 is the perfect platform for our Optical Radar solutions, and we are committed to providing cost-effective, best-in-class capability to the aircraft’s operators,” said David Willems, Founder and Chairman of Ideas at Sea. “We are looking forward to extending the capability of the ViDAR system already installed on the Guardian 400 demonstrator aircraft to include a more modular payload to better meet the wide-ranging needs of special mission operators.”

“The Guardian 400 has a unique set of performance capabilities and provides incredible versatility to its customers,” said Peter Walker, Viking’s Global Sales Director for Special Mission Aircraft. “Ideas at Sea provides an additional complement to our existing partners through the modular configuration options their optical payload can provide, and we’re excited to be able to offer these new, world-leading capabilities to our customers.’

The Guardian 400, a special mission variant of the Viking Series 400 Twin Otter, features robust design and exceptional performance capabilities perfectly suited for specialized operations in extreme environments, including ISR, maritime surveillance, SAR, parachute, medevac, and critical infrastructure support. Its unique operational flexibility in multiple mission profiles combined with its low acquisition and operating costs offers true force-multiplying economy.

Viking’s Guardian 400 demonstrator aircraft is currently undergoing a nine-month World Demonstration Tour that includes detailed briefings and demonstration flights in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, Oceania and North America. The Guardian 400 demonstrator aircraft will also be available for public viewing and demonstrations at the 2020 Singapore Airshow in February and the 2020 CANSEC Canadian Defence & Security Show in Ottawa during May. For more information on the World Tour, visit

About the Guardian 400 Twin Otter:

Viking developed the Guardian 400 in response to foreign military and government agency demand for a modern, reliable medium-range maritime patrol, SAR and critical infrastructure platform based on the new Twin Otter Series 400 aircraft. Designed as an economical force multiplier for 21st century surveillance and security requirements, the Guardian 400’s low acquisition and operating costs combined with its modern, flexible architecture allows it to be customized to suit operators’ financial and mission requirements.

The Guardian 400’s robust design, minimal maintenance requirements, and exceptional short-field performance capabilities make it ideally suited for specialized government operations in extreme environments. Certified under the restricted category, the Guardian 400’s increased take-off weight and optional ultra-long range fuel configurations allows for operational sorties over 10 hours in duration.

Trusted by the governments of Argentina, Guatemala, Peru, Panama, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Vietnam, over thirty Twin Otter Guardian 400 aircraft have now entered service in various roles, including law enforcement, special operations command, maritime surveillance, search & rescue, civil patrol, parachute operations, pipeline monitoring, drug enforcement, medevac, and critical infrastructure support.

Avmax Group Takes Delivery of Two Viking Series 400 Twin Otters for Operation in the Republic of Chad

Viking Air Limited Press Release

Calgary, Alberta, November 26th, 2019: At a company ceremony held today, Avmax Group of Calgary, Alberta took delivery of two new Viking Series 400 Twin Otters configured for corporate shuttle operations in support of oil and gas operations in the Republic of Chad. With delivery of these two Series 400 aircraft, Avmax Group becomes the first operator of the Viking Twin Otter in the West African country.

To support their new Series 400 operations, Avmax flight crew(s) will receive initial type training at Viking’s Calgary, Alberta training facility, where they will become familiarized with the Honeywell Primus Apex® integrated digital avionics suite and autopilot operations in the Series 400 Level “D” Full-Flight Simulator. Initial Maintenance type training course(s) will also be provided to the Avmax technical team.

Avmax selected the Series 400 based on their extensive legacy de Havilland Twin Otter experience and confidence that the Twin Otter is the only aircraft capable of reliably operating in the extreme environments and limited access restrictions of the contract locations.

“This multi-million-dollar deal is an excellent example of two Western Canadian companies reaching globally to strengthen aviation. This deal was possible due to Avmax’s strong collaborative relationships with companies both local and worldwide, including China and Chad,” said Mark Maydaniuk, Chief Executive Officer, Avmax. “Aviation continues to thrive globally, with Western Canada being a market leader.”

Robert Mauracher, Viking executive vice president Sales & Marketing, added, “Today, more and more operators around the world are recognizing the unique capabilities and versatility of the Series 400 Twin Otter. I am extremely pleased that a world-class Canadian company like Avmax, with their extensive aircraft portfolio and operational expertise, has selected the Twin Otter for their operational needs.”

Viking Signs US$42.6M Contract with Ministère des Transports du Québec for Avionics Upgrade Program (AUP) on its Canadair CL-415 Aerial Firefighters

Viking Air Limited Press Release

Ministère des Transports du Québec Becomes Launch Customer for CL-415 AUP

Calgary, Alberta, November 19, 2019: Viking Air Limited of Victoria, British Columbia has signed a contract valued at US$42.6M with the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ) for the Avionics Upgrade Program (AUP) for eight of its Canadair CL-415 aerial firefighters. With execution of the contract, MTQ becomes the launch customer for the Viking Avionics Upgrade Program for the Canadair CL-415 amphibious aircraft fleet.

The first of MTQ’s eight CL-415 aircraft to be modified through the Viking AUP will become the prototype for the program and will undergo modification and upgrade activities at Viking’s AUP integrator, Cascade Aerospace, in Abbotsford, British Columbia. This process will comprise the design, installation, testing and certification of the Pro Line Fusion® integrated avionics system in collaboration with Collins Aerospace as the component OEM.

After program certification, MTQ’s remaining seven CL-415 aircraft will also undergo the avionics upgrade to their specific configuration at Cascade’s facility.

Gregory Davis, Viking’s vice president of Customer Service & Product Support commented, “We are extremely proud to collaborate with Ministère des Transports du Québec on the modernization of their CL-415 aerial firefighter fleet. By working together with dedicated Canadair operators such as MTQ, we are securing the future of this great aircraft all over the world.”

‘’As an original launch customer for both the Canadair CL-215 and CL-415, the Ministère des Transports du Québec has always been actively engaged in the development of the CL platform,” said Dan Seroussi, Viking’s director of Programs. “We are excited to be working with MTQ to further enhance the Canadair CL-415 through our AUP and deliver the best evolution of the aircraft for the future.”

About the Viking Avionics Upgrade Program (AUP):

To face challenges with supportability and end-of-life components inherent with aging technology, the AUP utilizes modern and reliable COTS systems that will easily interface with specialized mission equipment. The system is designed as a complete integrated solution for a harmonized cockpit that will not only meet current regulatory requirements, it will also address future operational and technical requirements over a 25+ year horizon.

A key component of the AUP is the introduction of the Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion® integrated avionics system, a FAR/Part 25 certified scalable software-based system. The avionics suite’s core configuration includes Flight Director, Flight Management System (FMS) coupled with SBAS-GPS and LPV capability, Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS), ADS-B Out, Synthetic Vision, crew alerting system display indicators, and a multi-functional keyboard panel with dual cursor controls providing an alternative to touch screen commands. A SATCOM system, multiband radio, Weather Radar, datalink and Auto-Pilot are few of the available options to further enhance and customize the avionics system based on operator requirements.

The AUP will initially be offered as an upgrade to operators of CL-215T or CL-415 who can select either a complete modification including the supply and installation of the avionics suite, or as a parts kit for installation by an approved Maintenance Repair Organization.

Manta Air welcomes first seaplane

Received from Viking Air with a link to the news provided by The Edition/edition,mv

Aman Sameer – 10 October 2019

Manta Air's first seaplane. PHOTO: Manta Air
Manta Air’s first seaplane. PHOTO: Manta Air

Local airline Manta Air welcomed the arrival of its first seaplane on Wednesday.

The DHC-6 Twin Otter is the first of ten seaplanes Manta Air is adding to its feet as the airline prepares to launch seaplane operations. Manta Air plans to start the first seaplane flights in November.

According to officials of the airline, seaplane operations will set a new benchmark for the seaplane service standards in Maldives following the high standards already set by Manta’s domestic ATR operations.

Edward, COO of Manta Air, remarked, “At Manta Air, we strive to provide the best service to our customers. We believe there is a need to invest in the latest technology and not rely on the obsolete legacy navigation systems to make our service as customer centric as possible. This is why we invested into G950 and the latest aviation softwares. This upgrade removes 100s feet of cable from the cockpit and makes the aircraft lighter, reduces maintenance costs and provides our crews with enhanced capabilities to increase the dispatch reliability of our service”.

Manta Air declared that it took pride in setting new standards in service excellence along the way with pre-published schedules and a tailored approach to provide amazing experience to all their passengers.

“Our aim from day one has always been to make a significant difference in how our customers experience air travel in Maldives. We will be starting with fixed schedule, advanced booking capabilities and for the first time in Maldives, we will make the seaplane service reliable to all our passengers which will operate on a fixed schedule dedicated to on time performance. And we want to keep pushing these boundaries and to keep improving our service. Our customers will have guaranteed seats the moment the booking is confirmed with exact flight timings, thus removing all uncertainties for passengers travelling to their destinations on seaplanes”, said Ahmed Maumoon, the CMO of Manta Air.

Manta Air currently has three ATR72-600 turboprops in their fleet with flights operational to Dhaalu Airport and Dharavandhoo Airport. The airline first established operations at the end of February 2019, with flights headed to Kudahuvadhoo, Dhaalu Atoll. Dharavandhoo marked the second destination of Manta Air’s flights, following positive customer reviews.

Speaking about the event, CMO Maumoon said that the overwhelming support of the public is one of the driving forces for the airline.

“And we would like to assure everyone that we would keep on expanding our services so that everyone can enjoy their tropical way to fly”.

Viking Announces Unity Aviation Canada as Factory Endorsed Service Centre for Twin Otter Aircraft in the Americas

Provided by Viking Air Limited

Calgary, Alberta, September 30th, 2019: Viking Air Limited of Victoria, British Columbia welcomes Unity Aviation Canada Limited of Airdrie, Alberta to the Series 400 Twin Otter support network as a Factory Endorsed Service Centre (“FESC”) for the Americas. Under Viking’s FESC Program, Unity Aviation will be providing authorized maintenance services, refurbishment, and warranty-related work on legacy de Havilland and Viking Series 400 Twin Otter aircraft.

Courtesy of Viking Air Ltd.

The selection of Unity Aviation Canada for Viking’s worldwide customer support network was a natural fit due to their shared commitment and extensive experience of providing Twin Otter operators in the Americas with first-rate service and uninterrupted support. Gregory Davis, Viking’s vice president Customer Service and Product Support, said, “Viking’s FESC program was created to ensure the availability and provision of high-quality services that meets the satisfaction of our customers. Unity Aviation’s focus on delivering quality service from their maintenance facility in Alberta, as well as the services they provide at customer bases throughout North, Central and South America, will be an asset to all Twin Otter operators in the region. We are excited to work with such a well-respected organization who shares our commitment to customer satisfaction.”

The FESC program, administered through Viking’s Customer Service & Product Support Division, develops strategic relationships with specialized industry professionals to provide factory recognized service and warranty repairs for both Viking Series 400 Twin Otters and the legacy de Havilland Twin Otter fleet.

Air Antilles to Become First Caribbean Operator, First Certified Steep Approach Operator with Purchase of Viking Series 400 Twin Otters

Provided by Viking Air Limited

Air Antilles Series 400 Twin Otter
Proposed paint scheme for Air Antilles’ new Series 400 Twin Otters scheduled for delivery at the end of 2019

Paris, France, June 18th, 2019: Viking Air Limited of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and Air Antilles, of Guadeloupe, French West Indies, have signed an agreement for the purchase of two Viking Twin Otter Series 400 aircraft, making Air Antilles the first commercial operator of the Series 400 in the Caribbean. Also forming part of the purchase agreement, Air Antilles will become the first Series 400 Twin Otter operator to receive European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification for steep approach operations.

The two Viking-built Series 400 Twin Otters are scheduled for delivery to Air Antilles in the last quarter of 2019 and will be configured as 19-passenger regional commuter landplanes to replace the two legacy de Havilland Series 300 aircraft currently in commercial service with the airline.

With delivery of the Series 400 aircraft, Air Antilles will become the first commercial operator to receive EASA certification for steep approach landings, providing the airline with procedures to operate at approach angles in excess of 4.5 degrees. This is essential for Air Antilles’ scheduled operations to Gustaf III airport in Saint Barthelemy in order to satisfy EASA’s requirements for all commercial aircraft that access the airport to have factory certification for steep approach landings due to the surrounding mountainous terrain.

Eric Kourry, chairman of Guyane Aero Invest, the holding company of Air Antilles, commented, “As an operator of legacy de Havilland Series 300 aircraft for more than a decade, our knowledge of the Twin Otter’s exceptional flight capabilities, ease of maintenance, high dispatch reliability and suitability for our operations made selection of the Viking Series 400 a natural choice for upgrading our fleet.

“As travel tourism in the Caribbean expands, improvements to safety are becoming increasingly important for airlines to retain a competitive advantage. The innumerous improvements made to the new Series 400 will help Air Antilles increase safety and bring added value to their flight operations,” said David Caporali, Viking regional sales director for the Americas. He added, “The Caribbean shows encouraging market opportunities for Series 400 Twin Otter due to its low operating costs, ability to access the many short runways throughout the region, and its ability to support growth of an inter-island commercial transportation network. We highly value Air Antilles’ initiative to be the launch customer for the Series 400 in the region and are confident this relationship will yield many good results for both parties.”

Viking Launches World Demonstration Tour for Guardian 400 Special Mission Aircraft at Paris International Airshow

Provided by Viking Air Limited

Guardian 400 Twin Otter Special Missions Aircraft
The Guardian 400 Technical Demonstrator aircraft will feature Airborne Technologies’ SCAR Pods, Hensoldt Argos EO/IR imaging turret, Leonardo Osprey Radar System, Sentient Vidar Camera system, Airborne Technologies’ tactical workstation, Carte Nav AIMS mission software system, Viking conformal bubble windows, IKHANA L/H & R/H wing-mounted hard points, Thunder Bay Aviation stretcher racks, and aft lavatory.

Paris, France, June 17th, 2019: Today at the 2019 Paris International Airshow, Viking Air Limited of Victoria, British Columbia has revealed its Guardian 400 special mission variant of the Series 400 Twin Otter at its first public event. This also marks the launch of the global demonstration tour announced by Viking in late May.

Featuring a pixelated camouflage paint scheme, the Guardian 400 demonstrator aircraft flew from Viking’s corporate headquarters in Western-Canada at the beginning of June to Airborne Technologies’ facilities in Wiener Neustadt, Austria for further modifications prior to the Paris Air Show.

Airborne Technologies, Viking’s principal partner for the tour, is missionizing the Guardian 400 demonstrator aircraft. It has designed and manufactured the wing-mounted SCAR pods that house the aircraft’s sensor equipment and its Airborne LINX® flexible surveillance architecture solution that integrates all sensors and communications systems on board the aircraft with an intuitive user interface.

The sensor equipment installed on the Guardian 400 demonstrator aircraft has been supplied by key tour sponsors, including Hensoldt, Leonardo, Sentient. Hensoldt has supplied the Argos EO/IR imaging turret with multi-spectral HDTV camera, mega-pixel HD Thermal imager, laser range finder, multi-mode auto tracker, and Remote Image Bus (RIB) video feed for display on the cockpit MFD and/or crew workstation.

An Osprey Radar system, supplied by Leonardo, is a low size weight and power (SWaP) active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar surveillance system that features 120-degree forward swath and true multi-mission capability for high performance maritime and land surveillance. The Osprey system also provides high-resolution ground mapping, small and low speed ground target indication, and air-to-air surveillance, tracking and intercept capability.

Sentient has supplied the Visual Detection and Ranging (ViDAR) Camera system complete with Kestrel moving target indication (MTI). The VidAR is a wide area optical search system consisting of high-resolution sensors coupled with onboard automation software capable of detecting small objects and dramatically extending aircraft coverage during Search & Rescue missions. The Kestrel MTI continuously detects moving objects while increasing the surveillance area by a factor of 20, thereby reducing operator fatigue and increasing reliable detection over long missions.

CarteNav Solutions, also a key contributor to the Guardian 400 demonstrator, is providing its AIMS mission system software that processes and manages imagery and data from the various sensors to enhance situational awareness and improve mission effectiveness with real time, geo-referenced local operating pictures.

The Guardian 400 prototype will also feature an Airborne Technologies’ tactical workstation with high-definition touchscreen monitors, data/voice/video recorder, Mission Management Unit (MMU), mission radio communications, intuitive hand controller for MCU & SLR camera targeting and IKHANA ergonomic operators mission seat for optimized crew comfort. The prototype will also be equipped with Viking conformal bubble windows, left and right NATO standard wing-mounted hard points by IKHANA, Thunder Bay Aviation stretcher racks, and an aft lavatory for crew comfort.

“We have been engaged in the special missions arena for many years, and have put together a team of partners, led by Airborne Technologies, with extensive experience integrating flexible architecture solutions that are customized to suit each customer’s specific mission requirements,” said Robert Mauracher, Viking executive vice president, Sales & Marketing.

AeroSimulators Group is providing simulation support for the Guardian 400 aircraft demonstration at the Paris International Airshow as well as providing additional simulation support during the world demonstration tour.

Immediately following the Paris International Airshow, the Guardian 400 demonstrator aircraft will return to Airborne’s facility in Austria and be made available for European prospects to view until mid-September when the aircraft embarks on the next leg of its world tour.

The Guardian 400 world demonstration tour encompasses detailed briefings and demonstration flights scheduled for Austria, Italy, Algeria, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Russia, United States, and Canada. A tour extension to Central and South America is also under consideration to commence in the fall of 2020.

The Guardian 400 demonstrator aircraft will also be available for viewing in conjunction with the 2019 Dubai Airshow, 2020 Singapore Airshow, and the 2020 CANSEC Defence & Security Show in Ottawa, Canada.