Aerostudies’ Aviation e-Learning Platform Now Integrates with

AirSuite’s Flight Management Software

17 May 2021 – Edmonton AB, Canada: Aerostudies Inc. is excited to announce that its “ASCENT Aviation E-training System” now has an integration with AirSuite’s flagship product, Cirro. This combines the comprehensive features of our leading aviation Learning Management System with Cirro’s automated flight management software.

Users of both ASCENT and Cirro can easily add the integration via a built-in control. Existing Cirro users can add Aerostudies’ world-class online training system, including all its other features like included Memos communications, Safety Reports, offline training and documents tracking, etc. For mutual clients, there is no initial or ongoing costs for the integration between the two products, and either product can be added on easily and affordably.

“Our clients have been requesting these added abilities for quite a while, but we prefer to partner with top-notch companies who provide solutions which are affordable for typical aviation workplaces and easy for them to manage themselves”, says Aerostudies’ president, Geoff Falconar.

The key results clients will benefit from include:

  • Users can access, start, and resume their Ascent training courses in Cirro with a single sign in
  • From within Cirro, admin users can view and report on all Ascent training certificates
  • Training administrators will be able to set up more robust alerting and reporting automations for certificate tracking and expiry notifications

About Aerostudies Inc.
AeroStudies enables all types of aviation companies to effectively manage most aspects of their training requirements, regardless of their size, resources, or budget. Our “ASCENT Aviation E-training System” launched in 2003 and continuously improved since, is used by hundreds of aviation companies across Canada and the U.S.. Further information at

About AirSuite
AirSuite’s flagship product, Cirro, is transforming the way operators automate the compliance process of flight planning, following and managing. Built by pilots and operators, our products are designed to streamline the flight operations process. For more information visit