FH Health launches new drive-through COVID-19 testing location at Pearson Airport

Provides required pre-departure tests approved by Chinese government, with same-day results

TORONTO, July 27, 2021 /CNW/ – As more Canadians begin taking long-awaited trips abroad, travel to countries including China still have strict pre-departure testing requirements for entry to the country. Now, FH Health, a leader in Ontario for same-day COVID-19 testing, is making it easier to meet these requirements with its new drive-through testing centre near Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, providing COVID-19 tests with same-day results from the safety, privacy and convenience of their vehicle.

Located at 6585 Airport Road, FH Health’s newest clinic is one of several across downtown Toronto and the GTA, providing results for PCR tests in as little as 12 hours, rapid antigen tests in under 30 minutes and IgM and IgG antibody tests within 24 hours. The location is specifically approved by the Chinese government as a way to keep travellers on the move while adhering to China’s pandemic entry requirements, in order to help manage the virus’ spread internationally.

“As more people begin to travel again the possibility of transmission is still there – even among those who are fully vaccinated – so most countries, including China, still have strict pre-departure testing requirements for Canadians,” said Dr. Peter Blecher, Chief Medical Officer of FH Health. “RT-PCR, rapid antigen and antibody tests are all critical tools for quickly detecting and isolating asymptomatic cases and preventing transmission, which helps keep all travellers and communities safe.”

Members of the Chinese community can also access the FH Health website in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, including a live chat service for support in booking their tests or to answer any questions they have.

Prior to booking their flight, travellers to China should check the Chinese Embassy in Canada website for the most up to date information on entry, exit and transit requirements in their chosen destination, and follow these tips for a smooth trip:

  • Stock up. Fill your pantry and freezer before leaving home in case you feel unwell upon return or don’t meet the entry requirements for the fully-vaccinated exemption.
  • Self isolate. Do this before and after the COVID-19 test to eliminate the risk of exposure, particularly as variants become more prevalent.
  • Get organized. Pack extra masks, hand sanitizer, snacks and any other items you may need as some retail services in the airport may still be closed or operating at reduced capacity.
  • Go early. Give yourself plenty of time; anticipate longer waits at the airport for increased security and slower screening procedures.
  • Stay informed. Know where to go for medical care and COVID-19 tests, and keep abreast of the local situation and any public health advisories.

To learn more about the FH Health’s testing centres, visit www.fhhealth.com.

About FH Health:
FH Health is a private healthcare company in Ontario and the leader in providing Covid-19 PCR, rapid antigen and antibody testing for organizations and individuals. Providing same-day results and real-time contact tracing to help groups and corporations keep their shared spaces safe, FH Health is the only testing provider in Ontario that can guarantee same-day results for COVID-19 PCR tests, allowing businesses to keep operations running and individuals to resume personal activity. For more information, visit www.fhhealth.com.