Safran Gets Wheels, Brakes Order From Canada’s Flair Airlines

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By Olivia Bugault | September 13, 2021

Safran SA said Monday that it will supply wheels, brakes and carbon heat sinks to Canadian low-cost airline Flair Airlines to equip its fleet of Boeing Co. 737NG and 737MAX aircraft.

Safran Landing Systems, a subsidiary of the French aerospace-and-defense company, will produce the aircraft equipment at its plant in Walton, Ky., and will also partner with Canada’s Hope Aero Propeller & Components to provide logistics and maintenance services for the wheels and carbon brakes, the company said.

Safran didn’t specify the financial details of the deal.

Tennis Sensation Leylah Fernandez Partners with Flair Airlines

Canada’s favorite ULCC continues to defy the odds and lands Leylah Fernandez her first major sponsorship following the professional tennis player’s stellar performance in the U.S. Open.

Edmonton, Alberta, Sept. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leylah Fernandez, tennis super-star and Flair Airlines, Canada’s only independent ultra low-cost carrier (ULCC) proudly announce their partnership following the U.S. Open. Flair is the first Canadian company to develop a multi-year endorsement deal with the 19-year-old from Montreal.

“When choosing brands, it is important for me to align those choices with my own core values,” says Leylah Fernandez. “Flair serves a larger purpose and has had to fight the other airline giants to bring affordable flights to Canadians, they display resiliency and fortitude in their own matches. I am excited to work with them more and I can’t wait to help them change the travel game.”

Fernandez is currently ranked 28 and competes on the WTA Tour. She is coached by her father, Jorge Fernandez. Originally from Montreal, Fernandez currently lives and trains in Boynton Beach, Florida, with her family. She started playing professional tennis in 2017.

“Flair’s alignment with Leylah is a perfect match as together we disrupt and show how a combination of intelligence, hard work and efficiency is a powerful force,” says Stephen Jones, President and CEO, Flair Airlines. “Supporting a wickedly smart and talented  Canadian superstar is exhilarating, and Flair is excited to support her professional career to continue its upward trajectory. Leylah has defied the odds, and we are doing the same at Flair.”

Fernandez joins fellow Canadian tennis stars Felix Auger Aliassime and Eugenie Bouchard who are also brand ambassadors for the Canadian airline that is continuing its rapid growth and disruption of the over-priced Canadian airfares that have plagued consumers for far too long.

As Canada’s only independent ULCC, Flair is disrupting the legacy monopolistic practices of Canadian airlines by providing sustainably low fares to enable more Canadians to travel. Flair is in the midst of expanding its fleet with the continued delivery of brand new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, and has grown to serve 18 Canadian destinations as well as 6 new destinations in the USA.

About Flair Airlines

Flair Airlines is Canada’s only independent Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) and is on a mission to liberate the lives of Canadians by providing affordable air travel that connects them to the people and experiences they love. With an expanding fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, Flair is growing to serve more cities across Canada and North America. For more information, please visit

Westjet says another few months until flights at Thunder Bay airport return to pre-pandemic levels

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Jeff Walters · CBC News · Posted: Sep 10, 2021

WestJet Encore services Thunder Bay with its Dash-8 Q400 turboprop aircraft on flights to Toronto and Winnipeg. (Francois Biber/CBC)

Increasing demand for flights to and from Thunder Bay, Ont., have allowed airlines servicing in the city to add more flights to the city, but it will be months before air travel is back to its pre-pandemic levels.

Westjet held an online round-table, including some of its executives, officials from the Thunder Bay Airport and Tourism Thunder Bay. The event was to discuss how the airline can attract more business and increase tourism.

“We’re aiming to return as much capacity over the next six months,” as was found pre-pandemic, said Chris Hedlin, the vice-president of network planning at Westjet.

Hedlin said demand at the airline, on a national level is projected to grow from July to January as much as the airline grew in the past 11 years.

Demand at the Thunder Bay Airport for Westjet flights dropped by about 80 percent through the pandemic, which is a little less than the overall demand drop of 90 percent.

Data in the Westjet presentation noted that pre-pandemic, over 800,000 passengers flew annually through Thunder Bay’s Airport. That figure dwindled to about 200,000 during the height of the pandemic.

Currently, the airline is running its capacity to Thunder Bay at 60 per cent of pre-pandemic levels, Hedlin said, which is about average for the entire flight system.

“That’s going to continue to impact the pace at which we bring back services, as they still have to make sense. They still have to be driven by demand,” said Hedlin. 

Westjet is the only carrier to serve both Toronto and Winnipeg from Thunder Bay.

The airline said, in a response to a question from a former airport board member, that it would continue to look at adding a direct flight between Thunder Bay and Calgary, to take advantage of connections through its Calgary hub.

Earlier this week, Porter Airlines restarted its flights between Thunder Bay and Toronto’s Billy Bishop City Centre Airport.

Flair Airlines also announced it would now book flights to Thunder Bay from Toronto for the summer of 2022, with up to five flights per week.

Flair Airlines Extends Schedule Through Summer 2022

Canada’s favorite ULCC is confident in travel demand growth over the coming year and expands schedule in core Canadian and US markets

Edmonton, Alberta, September 9, 2021 – Flair Airlines, Canada’s only true ultra low-cost carrier (ULCC), continues its surge to bring low fares to Canadians and has extended its flight schedule through Summer 2022 in core Canadian and US markets.

“As we grow our fleet and expand our service, we see the demand for Flair’s low fare travel continuing to explode across Canada. We are absolutely focused on rescuing Canadians from the bloated prices they have long suffered in flying,” says Stephen Jones, President and CEO, Flair Airlines. “Flair is committed to helping reunite families and make travel accessible for everyone, and our schedule extension will help passengers prepare for 2022 by knowing they can explore and connect without breaking the bank.”

The schedule expansion extends the booking period into Summer 2022. Many year-round and seasonal routes will see an increase in service including flights departing from Edmonton (YEG), Kelowna (YLW), Halifax (YHZ), Kitchener (YKF), Abbotsford (YXX), Winnipeg (YWG), Toronto (YYZ), Saint John (YSJ), Vancouver (YVR), Calgary (YYC), Victoria (YYJ), Charlottetown (YYG), Thunder Bay (YQT), and Montreal (YUL).

Flair’s confidence in Canadian travel continuing to grow in 2022 is reflected in the ultra-low fares where cost efficiency and demand allow for pricing to start at just $29 CAD one-way on some routes. All routes and schedule details can be viewed at More low fares and exciting summer route announcements will be coming soon! Be among the first to know by signing up for Flair’s newsletter

Flair is rapidly growing to serve Canadians with low fare flights, the extended schedule allows for more efficient planning for customers and airline partners. Deliveries of new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft throughout 2021 and 2022 continue to grow the fleet as Flair achieves its goal of 50 aircraft in five years. Flair continues to bring more jobs to the market and is hiring more staff and flight crew as it meets the growth demands of the airline.

About Flair Airlines

Flair Airlines is Canada’s only independent Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) and is on a mission to liberate the lives of Canadians by providing affordable air travel that connects them to the people and experiences they love. With an expanding fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, Flair is growing to serve 26 cities across Canada and North America. For more information, please visit

Flair Airlines President Apologizes For Delays, Confusion, At Halifax Airport

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Aug 25, 2021by Derek Montague

Jan Vasek. Image: Unsplash.

HALIFAX – The President and CEO of Flair Airlines is apologizing to Halifax passengers who were stranded after flights were cancelled, and the airline struggled to find accommodations. There were two such incidents in less than a week, that left passengers angry, confused, and reaching out to the media to share their stories.

On Monday night, a police officer even helped passengers find hotel rooms late at night.

“We apologize profusely to all of the customers who were disrupted recently, and there’s been quite a number; it’s not acceptable,” said Flair president Stephen Jones in an interview with Huddle. “The way that we have communicated in many cases has left people wondering what’s going on.”

“I also apologize to our staff for not having the right information in their hands to be able to provide customer service.”

Jones said, in the case of Monday’s cancelled flights and confusion, the company will be reaching out and offering $100 vouchers that can be used for Flair services.

Police Are Called to the Airport

If it wasn’t for the help of a Halifax police office, Sarah Dexter may not have found a hotel room for her and her friend Monday night. Dexter was one of many who was stranded at the Halifax Airport, after Flair Airlines, once again, cancelled flights.

According to Dexter and another stranded traveler, Rebecca Goodine, the police were called to the Halifax airport Monday night when at least one person got so upset with Flair that they started yelling and causing a scene.

One of the officers then stayed to help try and find hotels for the passengers, when the airline couldn’t do so.

“People were getting really upset,” recalls Goodine. “There was nothing violent or anything, but a guy was yelling, so a cop did come up and try to deescalate.”

“(A lone Flair employee) was the only one trying to call hotels, trying to get something set up for people. So, the police officer also tried calling hotels, which was very strange.”

Stephen Jones says much of the confusion stems from the fact that there is a shortage of vacancies at Halifax hotels now. He says the airline is still taking responsibility for not being prepared for the lack of available rooms.

“We could have understood ahead of time that there was limited accommodation available and being more prepared for the impact of the cancellation.”

Dexter was supposed to fly from Halifax to Kitchener/Waterloo in Ontario late Monday evening. But an afternoon email from Flair informed her that the flight was cancelled, due to “unforeseen maintenance.”

She and her friend drove to the Halifax airport anyway, because they were unable to get a hold of any Flair representatives on the phone. Once at the airport, the lineup was incredibly long at the Flair counter, with dozens of people looking to rebook their flights and find accommodations.

After waiting in line for roughly two hours, Dexter was told the next available flight to Kitchener/Waterloo wouldn’t be until Friday. Given that she was supposed to go back to work on Tuesday, this was not a good option.

“What happens if we come here Friday and the same thing happens?” Asks Dexter. “I don’t trust (Flair) to get us out of here at this point.”

According to Dexter, a Flair agent told her that a shuttle would take stranded passengers to a hotel for the night, but no email ever came. She also says the agent, who was working by herself through much of the chaos, could only find five available hotel rooms, which went to the elderly and people with small children first.

One of the Halifax police officers found Dexter and her friend at a hotel in Truro. While the cost of the hotel was taken care of (presumably by Flair), Dexter had to pay $120 out-of-pocket for the cab to Truro.  She will have to pay the same to get back to the airport on Tuesday. She will now have to submit her receipt to Flair in the hopes of being reimbursed.

Stephen Jones said customers should not be expected to pay out of pocket for transportation and accommodation.

“It varies from situation to situation but, no, as a standard practice we shouldn’t be asking people to pay $90 taxi fares to go to a different city to find a bed. We should be able to arrange transport and accommodation to meet all of the customers’ needs.”

Dexter and her friend will be able to leave Halifax Tuesday night because they chose to rebook through Air Canada, at a greater expense.

“The only reason we’re leaving is because we paid an arm and a leg for Air Canada tickets,” she said.

When asked if passengers would be reimbursed for buying new tickets on other airlines, Jones said it would depend on each individual situation.

“I want to look at them on a case-by-case basis…but we will do, not only what we’re obliged to do, we’ll do what’s right.”

Rebecca Goodine, however, will be staying with friends in Halifax for a few days. After her flight from Halifax to Montreal was cancelled on Monday. She says Flair told her they could fly her to Montreal next week, or she could accept a flight to Ottawa on Thursday – which she accepted.

“I agreed to the Thursday flight on the premise that I would have a hotel, and they said I would have a food allowance.”

“But then I was told there would be a shuttle to take us to this hotel and they didn’t say what hotel it was. So, a crowd started to gather for the hotel.”

Goodine said there was no shuttle and no hotel, so she ended up staying with friends in Halifax. In total, she spent ten hours at the airport. She also says Flair never gave her a food voucher, but instead got a water bottle, a Rice Krispy, a granola bar, and a pack of goldfish.

Flair Airlines Establishes Edmonton Base and Adds 4 New US Destinations

20 August 2021

The Edmonton-based airline adds new destinations and brings more jobs to the area while continuing to expand rapidly, disrupting the Canadian aviation market with ultra-low fares.

Edmonton, Alberta, August 20, 2021 – Flair Airlines, Canada’s only independent ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC), continues its rapid growth with the announcement of a new base at Edmonton International Airport (IATA: YEG) and an expansion of service that will bring 4 new non-stop US destinations and additional jobs to the Edmonton area.

The Edmonton-based airline continues to strengthen its role in the economic recovery by providing more competition and low fares to stimulate demand in the travel and tourism sector. The new Edmonton-US routes will start this Fall and include non-stop service to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Palm Springs and Hollywood Burbank. Flair is also expanding its domestic network from Edmonton. In addition to existing winter service to Kitchener-Waterloo, Vancouver, Abbotsford and Toronto, Flair is expanding its current summer service from Kelowna and Victoria to extend throughout the winter season.

“Our relationship with Edmonton International Airport will continue to provide benefits to Albertans as our low fares make travel accessible and affordable for everyone. Albertans have been paying way too much for air travel and Flair is here to change that. Having our new 737-8 aircraft and our team members based in Edmonton provides a unique advantage to Flair as we can continue our efficient growth and keep our costs down and our fares low,” says Stephen Jones, President and CEO, Flair Airlines.

The 4 new non-stop US destinations served through Edmonton will operate beginning in December and will extend through spring of 2022. The first US flights will begin December 16th to Las Vegas and Hollywood-Burbank, with other routes starting later that week. Flair will offer 2 flights per week to Phoenix, Palm Springs, and Hollywood-Burbank and 3 flights per week to Las Vegas with fares as low as $99 one way. For more details visit

“Flair Airlines continues to be a strong partner for our airport. Basing aircraft and crew in Edmonton demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to our region. In addition, these new US destinations will be popular non-stop routes as we rebuild our network. Thank you for your long-term commitment to EIA,” says Tom Ruth, President and CEO, Edmonton International Airport.

​Malcolm Bruce, CEO, Edmonton Global, states, “Flair Airlines’ ongoing investments are a vote of confidence for our region and our business community. These flights will unlock opportunities for businesses across our region, as well as maintain important connections into the United States. Rebuilding air service is a key part of our strategy to drive the economic recovery of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Thank you, Flair, for your investment in our region and your continued leadership in our community.”

Flair will base an aircraft and flight crews in Edmonton starting in December. Between direct and indirect employment, Flair estimates 50 new jobs being created in addition to the 75 operations and business staff already headquartered in Edmonton.

The new US destinations join the 7 Canadian destinations Flair currently offers service to in Edmonton. From Edmonton, Flair provides service to Abbotsford, Kelowna, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria.

Flair is succeeding amid an ambitious goal to grow to 50 aircraft in 5 years. The airline is rapidly expanding to bring ULCC service to Canadians. In 2021, Flair has grown its network to serve 20 Canadian destinations and has already announced service to 6 US destinations later this year. Flair intends to disrupt the Canadian aviation market and bring long over-due competition and low prices to Canadians.

About Flair Airlines

Flair Airlines is Canada’s only independent Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) and is on a mission to liberate the lives of Canadians by providing affordable air travel that connects them to the people and experiences they love. With an expanding fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, Flair is growing to serve 20 cities across Canada and 6 in the US. For more information, please visit

Flair Airlines and Canadian icon Genie Bouchard hosting fashion show at 38,000 feet.

Flair Airlines will unveil and celebrate a new crew uniform as part of their revitalized brand.

TORONTO, Ontario, August 16, 2021 (August 15, 2021 9:00 pm PDT) – Tennis star Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard and Flair Airlines’ CEO Stephen Jones will host media and passengers on a celebratory flight from Toronto to Montréal on August 16, 2021. Kicking off at Toronto Pearson International Airport and continuing to the sky in a Flair Boeing 737, the event features Bouchard hosting passengers and modelling never-before-seen Flair Airline uniforms.

The in-person event and anticipated reveal of the uniforms—designed by the entire Flair Flight Attendant team—will mark a major milestone for the airline brand evolution.

“Flair is moving forward, as a brand and as a company,” said Cody Klassen, Flight Attendant “That means bringing the uniforms forward as well. We wanted to be more inclusive with our style, so everything is gender fluid. Our crew can choose whichever pieces they feel most comfortable putting on their body.”

“The refreshed look and exciting build to the reveal aligns with Flair Airlines’ mission of bringing style, flair, and choice back to the airline industry,” adds Flight Attendant, Shannon Towler “Our new uniforms reflect the brand: plain and simple, but a little bit edgy and out of the box—now that’s exciting. Not stuffy, no nylons, just super fresh.”

Fresh also accurately describes the other thrilling aspect of the sky-high event: host, model, and immensely popular Canadian tennis player Genie Bouchard. She became a sensation overnight when she reached the semifinals or better at 3 of 4 Grand Slams, and in 2014 was touted to become a dominant force in the sport: a break-out star and an absolute fan favourite. Today, she continues to enthrall fans with her social media presence and down-to-earth nature.

“I’m thrilled to be part of an event that involves a true-to-themselves brand that walks the walk and cares about Canadians,” said Bouchard. “The company and crew are great people and allowing fans to be part of this special surprise makes it even better!”

To be true to their brand, Flair Airlines makes it their mission to have an extraordinary impact on the lives of Canadians and the communities in which they live by making travel across the country affordable and accessible. The airline also focuses on another key objective: being actionable when it comes to their environmental impact.

“Not only are we the newest and lowest-fare airline in Canada, but we’re also the most environmentally-sound. We are the greenest airline in Canada and our crew is very proud of that,” said CEO Jones. “Our new aircraft are approximately 14% more fuel efficient than previous versions. Because our whole fleet will be of the new aircraft, we will have the lowest per passenger emissions of any airline in Canada—likely in North America.”

The special flight event and uniform reveal is not only solidifying Flair Airlines’ new brand, but also hinting at the future. “We’re going to continue to deliver affordable fares and great service,” said Jones. “Our growth is going to make that available to more people across more of Canada, and also into the U.S. and other markets.”

About Flair Airlines

Flair Airlines is Canada’s only independent Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) and is on a mission to liberate the lives of Canadians by providing affordable air travel that connects them to the people and experiences they love. With an expanding fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, Flair is growing to serve 20 cities across Canada and 5 cities in the United States. For more information, please visit

Region of Waterloo breaks ground on airport expansion, which will double its size

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It’s projected to grow to one million passengers per year by 2023

Jul 30, 2021  By: KitchenerToday Staff

Flair AirlinesFlair Airlines/Facebook

Demand to fly in and out of Waterloo Region is expected to soar in the coming years.

On Thursday, the Region of Waterloo broke ground on an ambitious expansion to twice its current size. 

“This expansion will add jobs to our economy, help attract businesses and talent to our region, and support the tourism industry as we begin to move past the pandemic,” said Regional Chair Karen Redman. “We live in one of the fastest growing communities in the country, and will remain a growth leader in the coming years and decades.”

Communitech and the Waterloo Region tech ecosystem are also pleased with the expansion.

“Tech ecosystems are always looking for talent, capital, and customers,” said Matt Bondy, VP of External Affairs at Communitech. “We’re going to get more of all three with the doubling of YKF.”

The expansion will cost about $17 million, and could be part of an overall commitment of up to $44 million.

The work includes the construction of an addition to a passenger hold room, along with a bag claim building.

According to staff, this will improve capacity with an expected increase to passengers, with the arrival of Flair Airlines.

Flair Airlines touches down in Charlottetown, third new flight in a week

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‘We’re just happy to be talking about growth and recovery and people travelling for a change’

Wayne Thibodeau · CBC News · Posted: Aug 02, 2021

Flair Airlines touched down at the Charlottetown Airport for the first time Monday, with a new non-stop service to Toronto’s Pearson Airport. (Charlottetown Airport Authority)

Flair Airlines touched down at the Charlottetown Airport for the first time Monday, with a new non-stop service to Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

This is the third new flight, and the second new airline, for the Island’s airport in less than a week. 

WestJet, which has been operating in the capital city airport for 15 years, launched its first direct flight from Calgary to Charlottetown and Newfoundland-based PAL Airlines introduced a brand new service between Halifax and Charlottetown. 

Stephen Jones, president and CEO of Flair Airlines, was on the tarmac to welcome his airline’s first arrival on Prince Edward Island. 

Flair had hoped to launch its service to P.E.I. sooner but the pandemic put a hold on its expansion plans. 

“It’s been brutal for the whole industry and Flair is no exception, but we’re growing our way out of it,” said Jones.

“We’re really seeing a rebound in traffic at the moment.”

P.E.I. Tourism Minister Matthew Mackay, left, Charlottetown Airport CEO Doug Newson, and Stephen Jones, president and CEO of Flair Airlines, were on the tarmac to welcome Flair’s flight into Prince Edward Island on Monday. (Wayne Thibodeau/CBC)

Not only was it a new airline, but a brand new Boeing aircraft that landed on Monday. 

There were 174 passengers on the first flight into Charlottetown 

Doug Newson, CEO of the Charlottetown Airport, said the addition of Flair is another sign of recovery for the airline industry and for the Island’s beleaguered tourism industry.

Newson said he’s not surprised by the speed of the airline industry’s rebound.  

“We always knew … that there’s a lot of pent-up demand, a lot of visitors here that are coming to see their family and friends that haven’t been home for a couple of years in a lot of cases,” said Newson. “So we knew as soon as P.E.I. opened up for visitors outside of Atlantic Canada the airlines would come back and the flights would be busy.”    

‘It’s nowhere close to what we’re used to’

Newson said he believes next year could be a banner year for the airport and tourism on the Island. 

The first passengers get off a Flair Airlines flight at Charlottetown Airport on Monday. Flair will fly Toronto to Charlottetown Mondays and Fridays and Charlottetown to Toronto Mondays and Fridays. (Wayne Thibodeau/CBC)

“We’re just happy to be talking about growth and recovery and people travelling for a change,” said Newson.   

P.E.I. Tourism Minister Matthew Mackay, who was also on hand for the initial Flair Airlines flight, said the new flights are huge for the tourism industry, which was devastated by the pandemic. He said the industry is slowly starting to recover.  

“It’s nowhere close to what we’re used to,” said MacKay, noting the province usually sees 1.6 million visitors annually. 

“We’re not there, but we’re certainly in good position here, we’ve got a lot of traffic, a lot of visitors coming in, a lot of accommodations are full and we’re really hoping for a big fall season as well.”    

Flair will fly Toronto to Charlottetown Mondays and Fridays and Charlottetown to Toronto Mondays and Fridays. 

Even with the new airlines, airport officials say the airport is only operating at about half of its summer capacity.  

‘We will fly where the demand is’

Jones said he expects his airline, which bills itself as Canada’s only independent low-fare airline, will have a long history in P.E.I.

“I hope it’s going to be year-round,” said Jones. 

“I mean we will fly where the demand is so we will grow our network to where people want to fly.” 

Flair Airlines Brings Low Fare Air Travel to 4th Destination in Alberta

The rapidly growing airline continues expansion while aiding economic recovery with low fare travel options for the Grande Prairie community

Edmonton, Alberta, August 2, 2021 – Flair Airlines, Canada’s only independent ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC), continues its rapid growth as service begins today at Grande Prairie Airport (IATA: YQU). Grande Prairie is the fourth Alberta city to benefit from Flair’s low fares. Flair Airlines is providing non-stop flights between Grande Prairie, Vancouver, and Toronto with fares available for less than $60 one-way.

“As travel and tourism comes roaring back across Canada, bringing our low-fare travel options to Grande Prairie becomes crucial.  We will deliver more choice and more competition for air travel. Our offering of low-fare travel is a powerful tool in economic recovery as it ensures everyone can afford to go places, reconnect with family, and explore the country” says Stephen Jones, President and CEO, Flair Airlines. “Residents of Grande Prairie and the Peace Region have been paying way too much, for way too long, and Flair is here to provide affordable options to Toronto and Vancouver.”

“The Grande Prairie Airport is focused on our mission of efficiency and affordability for air travel in our region. Flair brings a whole new meaning to affordability and the addition of direct service to these major centers provides travelers in the Peace Region with unprecedented air travel options,” says Brian Grant, CEO, Grande Prairie Airport.

Grand Prairie is among three new destinations Flair is adding to its network in August along with Abbotsford and Charlottetown. Flair serves 20 Canadian cities and continues to grow with the addition of service to 5 US cities this fall. With an ambitious goal to grow to 50 aircraft in 5 years, Flair is rapidly expanding as it brings ULCC service to Canadians.

About Flair Airlines

Flair Airlines is Canada’s only independent Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) and is on a mission to liberate the lives of Canadians by providing affordable air travel that connects them to the people and experiences they love. With an expanding fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, Flair is growing to serve 20 cities across Canada. For more information, please visit